A Quick Post in Which I Insult Melania Trump


This may not be politically correct, or even particularly polite, but I going to say it anyway… I really despise Melania Trump.

It started with annoyance in the possibility of a foreign born lingerie model as first lady, but rapidly accelerated with her “crowd-sourced” speech at the RNC Convention. This ennui subsided slightly do to her lengthy absence following that episode, but flared once again when she briefly reappeared to do some damage control over her husband’s cringy (or, rather, rapey) comments to Billy “the Bushy” Bush about grabbing women’s genitals (henceforth to be known as “Pussygate”). Blissfully, she once again disappeared after that.

That was until Thursday of this week, when Melania reemerged to aggravate me yet further. This time in major speech in which she addressed the goals of her possible tenure as first lady. These included, an I hope you are sitting down for this one, addressing cyber bullying and online harassment. Yes, you heard that right. I thought she would have used the entire year’s supply of personal chutzpah to rip off the current first lady in a prime time, nationally televised speech, but, no, that was nothing. Not compared to giving a speech on cyber bullying with no hint of the irony of being married to the one of the biggest cyber bullies on internets.

Then Friday night, the Associated Press confirmed an old rumor, that Melania Trump had worked in the United States prior to having a legal work visa. This is without any hair splitting, illegal. For the record, I had thought it rather ironic to such a xenophobic candidate as Donald Trump asking his equally xenophobic supporters (and indeed the rest of the country) to accept his foreign born wife. But now, to find out that she was exactly the type of job stealing, criminal alien that he and they cry about… well, my irony cup runneth over.

What happens now? Well, probably not much. Technically, this could imperil her citizenship, but more likely is that there could be a fine and/ or order to pay back taxes on the income made while on a visitor’s visa. That is of course if there is any consequences at all, which might be unlikely since Trumpskyites don’t seem to face that many consequences.

In parting, I wish I could say that this bit of feloniousness is the worst slime that coats Donald Trump and all that he touches… but it’s only 8am, I don’t start lying this early in the morning.


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