Well, that escalated quickly…

Guess what? I’m back!

Yes, I know, I’ve been lazy again.

So there are a lot of things I have plans to write about in the near future, including some thoughts on the Presidential debates on some of my more local candidates, some parting shots with Star Wars: The Old Republic and a belated review of World of Warcraft: Legion and more. But, before I get to those, let’s catch up.

On The Games…

I noted that I had come back to World of Warcraft, well I’m still there and slogging my way through Legion. In addition, I spent a excessive amount of time playing Diablo 3 during the summer. Blizzard had made some sizable alterations to the game including an adventure mode, where rather playing through the game’s story, you explore areas and beat up bad guys. They also having been a seasonal campaign, it lasts about two months and contains challenges and goals for players to complete during the season all for unique rewards. Well, I found myself quite hooked during Season Six and it, along with Overwatch, made for great way to bide my time for Legion’s release.

Outside of Blizzard’s offerings, I tried Tom Clancy’s The Division. It’s fun… for a while. I played on console so there wasn’t the massive issue with hacks, but there were still many exploits being used by many players that made the game less than enjoyable. In the end I didn’t last much more than a month. Too bad to, the game great game-play, an amazing environment and interesting story.

On Politics…

I have to admit, I became more than just a little disenchanted with the primary. Partly because the stunning self immolation of the Republican Party was so beyond the pale that I could not even enjoy the schadenfreude in watching the blaze from a safe distance. Granted, with that collection of candidates there really wasn’t an escape from the fallout.

Even more frustration came from the childish, disrespectful clusterfuck that was Sen. Bernie Sanders and so many of his supporters. No, I don’t want to rehash the whole damn thing, but I am going to say my peace.

First, I resent that support of Sen. Sanders became the litmus test for progressives and karat test for ideological purity. I have little patience for forced party purity and to watch Sanders’ supporters and much of the progressive media become a left wing Tea Party was more than disheartening. Especially when that was in support of a career politician that has forty years to talk and precious little accomplishment.

Second, no, the primary wasn’t rigged or stolen, online support, rally attendance, and exit polls do not trump votes and in the end Sanders simply did not have the votes. And, no, those Wikileaks emails do not prove wrongdoing. Rather they show a party incredulous that someone that was not one of them should demand their nomination and that said candidate’s campaign was so poorly that the party had to hold it’s hand through the race. That could be the entire problem… neither Sanders nor his bothered to learn how election worked before running in one.

Lastly, he was the candidate of the entitled and privileged. The vast majority of Sanders’ support came from millennials… college educated, upper middle class, white, millennials. Listening to the more than pathetic reasons that Sanders should get the nomination for a party he did not even belong to all over the votes of party voters was a stunning and infuriating display of entitlement and arrogance. What was even worse was that those demands also would suppress the votes of under served and largely minority communities that vote Democrat. This was a gross display of white privilege and nothing more.

I could say more and there is certainly more to say about the mess that the general election is, but it will have to wait for later.

Finally, Storytime…

Saturday, my friend and I went to a generic chain restaurant for some breakfast food masquerading as lunch… got love all day breakfast. As we sat having a quality kvetch after eating, this couple walked in. They are older, probably late fifties or early sixties. The lady was stumbly and slurring her words as stopped at our table to say something unintelligible before the man pulled her away to their booth. My friend noticed the distinctive odor of cheap whiskey and I got a whiff of the combination of even cheaper perfume and cigarettes that can only be described as Eau de Barfly.

After they pass, my friend and I returned to our conversation… only to be interrupted by the loud voice of the same intoxicated woman, still slurring her words but adding strings of F bombs and other obscenities to the mix. She continued this for five or ten minutes, at which time one of the waitresses stepped into the situation. The waitress told the couple in no uncertain terms that they needed to leave… immediately. This did not make the woman happy and she protested and asked if they could still get a drink or if they could stay if she would speak more quietly. This was to no avail as the waitress stood her ground.

For his part, the man got up and left without a problem. The drunk, well, it took another minute, but she too left. As she did, she continued to complain, mumbling to herself that “this is free country” and in the tone of a besotted preschooler “I guess I’ll just kill myself!”

Well this left my friend and I looking at her then looking back at each other and trying to keep our snark to ourselves… at least until the woman left.

In the end, all I can say is… that escalated quickly.


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