2016 WTF?


There can be only one!

In a quick follow up to yesterday, John Kasich is also ending his campaign. He made the announcement late this afternoon.

So, that makes it pretty official, Donald Trump is the GOP presidential nominee. Holy fuck! The next 187 days are going to be a mess.

Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.

Also, I didn’t talk about the Democratic side yesterday, and I’d like to take a few minutes to talk about Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Last night Sanders said: “the Clinton Campaign thinks this is over. They’re wrong”. No, no, they are not. Sanders is currently 321 delegates behind Sec. Clinton, not counting the super-delegates. That is a massive deficit for him to overcome, so much so that outside of winning the remaining contests by large margins (think 65-75%), he cannot become the nominee.

Frankly, I feel that Sanders should have dropped out last week, and despite last night’s win, I still feel that he should quit the race. Now may even be better as he could go out on a high note.

I know, Hillary Clinton continued to fight all the way to the convention, but she was never 300+ delegates behind then Sen. Obama. Even fairly late in the campaign, she still had a chance… unlike Sanders.

But the super-delegates might go for Sanders… no, no they won’t. Super-delegates are not bound to a candidate nor the outcome of a primary or caucus. While they are free to support whoever they want, they pretty much always support the candidate with the majority of the bound delegates. The reason for this is that ensures the victory of the candidate with majority support and, hopefully, unifies the party behind that candidate. They are not going to side with the losing candidate, especially one that isn’t even a member of the party.

But Bernie is the choice candidate of America. Yea, this gem was spewed out by a BernieBro who explained that because Sanders did better with non-Democratic voters that were allowed to vote in open Democratic primaries, he should get the nomination. Apparently, for the first time in American history, the votes of those outside the party should determine who that party nominates, not the votes of its members. The worst part of this argument is that the conservative talking head George Will made a similar argument about Donald Trump.

But Bernie polls better against Trump. For now that is true. But given Sanders poor ability to defend his beliefs (as seen in the debates) and how uncaringly vicious Trump is on the attack, I don’t think it would stay that way. Though, I don’t think that Sanders would lose to Trump. The demographics of the current American electorate make a Republican wining the White House a long shot.

But he could run as a third party candidate! That’s doubtful. Sanders isn’t a Democrat, he’s an Independent that caucus with Democrats in the Senate. If he thought he could run as an Independent and make something of that, he could have. But, he chose to run as a Democrat because there is support, a large sum of voters and campaign infrastructure in the Democratic Party, he would not have much of that as a third party candidate. Further, many states require that Presidential candidates be part of a party to be on the ballot, so he’d be attempting to do a write vote, which is difficult to say the least.

It’s time to accept reality and realize that Sen. Sanders will not be the Democratic nominee, that Sec. Clinton will be and that we must work together to keep Donald Trump from any possibility of gaining the presidency.

May the fourth be with you!

Ok, so now that I have bummed myself out and rained on some people’s parades, here is something to cheer us up. Today is May 4th. The day that we nerds celebrate Star Wars! My plans? I’m going to watch my Original Trilogy favorite, The Empire Strikes Back and my new favorite, The Force Awakens, while pretending the Prequels don’t exist. Also, I’m off to play the newest chapter for Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire as it dropped for subscribers yesterday and for everyone else tomorrow. The last chapter sucked so bad, I couldn’t even stomach reviewing it, but this one looks pretty fun.

 Anyway, happy fourth and may the force be with you always!


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