RejecTED, DefeaTED, EliminaTED


Between last Tuesday and today, Ted Cruz has gone from one epic electoral beat down to another.

Last week he came in a distant third place to John Kasich in four of the five primaries, only managing a close second in Pennsylvania. And “close second” I mean to Kasich’s third place not Donald Trumps first place.

After that disaster, Cruz tried to change the story and announced his decision to choose Carly Fiorina as his Vice President. It didn’t really work out and only seemed to gain bewildered looks.

Tonight’s loss in Indiana was the was apparently the last stop on the fail train that was Cruz’s campaign. So, shortly after Trump was declared the winner in Indiana, Cruz announced he was “suspending” his campaign. Of course all I can say is… good riddance… if we could only get him out of the Senate too.

Speaking of which, he did promise his audience that he was not suspending his “fight for liberty”, by which I took to mean that he intended to stay in the race for the Senate’s biggest jack ass… or lousiest clown jester.

So, tonight, I will drink to Cruz’s failure, and hopefully that his party continues in his footsteps. Sláinte!


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