What’s in a name?


Back in the day… or somewhere around 2000… I played an massively multiplayer online role playing game (or MMORPG for short) for the first time. The game was Everquest, and it was pretty damn amazing! Everquest had a large open world with tons of appropriate fantasy peoples — elves, dwarves and more, fantasy badies — orcs, undead, dragons, and all the necessary accouterments for us players to take on the badies — magic, enchanted weapons and armor. On top of all of this, the game allowed us to customize the appearance of our characters. Ok, it was really rather limited, but at the time it was really awesome. Finally Everquest allowed we the player to give our characters both a given name and a surname. All in all, it made Everquest a deep and personal experience.

Personally, I always agonize of any detail I’m allowed to customize in a game and the name I use. But, not everybody. Some people slam the random name button and pick the first thing it spits up. Some pick names of celebrities, or movie characters or worst of all vaguely covered canon characters to whatever game series they’re playing. Star Wars: The Old Republic has that problem. Some people only exercise creative in figuring out to use racial slurs or some other epithet through the game’s naming filter.

The most random name I remember seeing was back in the days of Wrath of the Lich King. The was the orc warlock who was named Blagojevich. Given the current events of the time, I assumed it was in reference to then Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. There are two things to know about way Gov. Blagojevich was in the news… first he was under Federal investigation for various corruption related offense and at that time was under the subject of Federal wiretaps, something he knew. Second, when there is a vacancy in the US Senate, that state’s governor chooses the replacement. At the time, Illinois had just such a vacancy, the Senate seat of Barack Obama. Gov. Blagojevich had found an interesting way to fill Mr. Obama’s seat, he sold it to the highest bidder. No, really, he did. In FBI audio taps, he described the open seat as “fucking golden”.

As weird as that was, the other day I saw something worse. I had logged onto my Alliance death knight and headed off to Stormwind, there sitting AFK in Wizard’s Sanctum was, this:


Yea, that’s right. A level 25 human mage, named Donaldtrump. I have no more words.


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