Election Blahs…



Ok, it’s been a bit since the last post post.

Since the last time there have been a few primary contests and a few less Republican candidates… most notably one soon-to-be former Florida Senator. Honestly, I don’t think it was just the loss in his home state that took Marco Rubio out… as bad as that was. It was as that in addition to Florida, Rubio had gone like four straight contests without gaining a single delegate. That is not how to get a nomination.

Ok, on to more current news, Sen. Sanders has been on quite the run… he has won all but like one of last primary contests and that is no small feat. As I’ve noted before though, the delegate count is still against him as he is still about 250 delegates behind Sec. Clinton. What’s worse is that the upcoming contests are mostly closed primaries and so far contests like that have not been good to Sanders. In fact, he has only won a single closed primary.

I don’t think Sanders is going to be able to close the gap and I do think that Clinton will end up with the nomination.

As for the Republicans… what can I say? When your party is deciding between which of Donald Trump or Ted Cruz is your preferred hate monger, I think you’ve lost all rights to be taken seriously.

Cruz for his part is an open theocrat and seems dedicated to those individuals (if not personally as well) that are attempting to codify an extremist interpretation of Christianity into American law. This is made even more ironic by the realization that these are often the same voices crying around about “creeping Sharia”.

And Trump… here is a guy that says anything, doesn’t matter how ill informed, ridiculous or even bigoted it is… if it pops into his mind, it will find its way out of his mouth too. God only knows if he even believes any of it. And given how quickly he switches his opinion, one could could be forgiven for thinking he doesn’t. But, his supporters seem to believe it and him… even when shown how ridiculous or two faced Trump is, they still support him. From that blind support to the verbal and physical abuse of dissenting voices, Trump’s supporters may actually be scarier than he is.

Listen, I try really hard not to throughout comparisons to the Nazis or Adolf Hitler (or any other mass murdering tyrants for that matter), doing so trivializes the horror that they inflicted on their victims and the world around them. But, when I see a candidate encouraging abuse or violence… even to the point of promising to pay the legal bills for his supporters that attack protesters, or when I see his staff verbally and physically assault journalists (and find support for it), or  when I see a candidate’s supporters threaten, harass and assault protesters, I can’t help but see shades of Hitler’s Brown Shirt thugs.

Because I no longer have the words to describe my horror at the creature known as Donald Trump, let me give some links to a few people that do:

Seriously… have something handy in case you need to wretch.  

The worse part is that I may own George Lucas an apology. See, like so many others… critics and fans alike, I’ve mocked the dialog Lucas wrote for Star Wars. Hell, both Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher have also commented on the dialog, with Fisher asking “who the hell talks this way” in part of her interview for Empire of Dreams.

While she was referring to the dialog between Princess Leia and Grand Moff Tarkin, my most loathed dialog comes from the prequels. In Revenge of the Sith there is a scene where the now Emperor Palpatine tells the Senate of his reorganization of the Republic into the Empire to much support and fanfare. In that scene, Senator Amidala has a line that says something like: “So this is how liberty dies… to thunderous applause”.

Dear Great Spaghetti God… that’s silly and pretentious. I can only assume that Natalie Portman also realized how bad this was, and performed the line with as much confidence in it as possible… that is to say none. She was a far better actress as a twelve year old playing a preteen orphan and contract killer fangirl in The Professional than anything this scene showed.

Still after hearing what Trump stands for and the cheers of his near sycophantic supporters, Lucas’ dialog may prove to be prophetic.

I wrote some very short comments on The Force Awakens, albeit rather late, a while back, so now that it’s on video, I have more detailed review coming. With that, I have some thoughts on the newest chapter for Knights of the Fallen Empire, the season finale of Star Wars: Rebels and the Rogue One teaser. So, yea, lots of Star Wars!

Also, there was a big video game freak out over a character in Blizzard’s soon to be released game, Overwatch. I have thoughts no that too… but later.


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